Best Clinic for Permanent Acne Removal in Delhi

Acne scar

Best Clinic for Permanent Acne Removal in Delhi

Acne scar on the face can spoil your beauty and it also reduces your confidence. Acne can be seen on the face at the age of 14-30 years. If the scar of acne is not treated at the right time then slowly it makes a dent on the face. It also affects the mental health of the person. If you have acne then sometimes you can feel low in self-esteem because of your acne marks. Acne can obstruct your dream of getting beautiful skin. Everyone wants to have healthy skin, therefore it becomes more important to get rid of acne.

Causes of Acne

1 Excessive use of cosmetics
Excessive use of cosmetic products is not good for your skin at all. Many times women stay in makeup all-day and so not remove makeup properly at night and sleep with makeup. This can also cause acne.

2 Stress
When you are under stress, there are some changes in your body which can cause acne.

3 Bad eating habits and lifestyle
Dairy products, oily food, high sugar drinks, junk food and fried foods also cause acne and pimples.

4 Pollution
Pollution is one of the main reason for having acne It is important to face while going out and clean the skin regularly.

Acne Scar Treatment in Delhi

At Procerus clinic acne scar treatment is possible as we have experts dermatologists to treat acne scar treatment in South Delhi. Acne scar quite stubborn and without the help of a dermatologist, you won’t be able to get rid of them. We have many modern and new treatments to treat your acne marks.

Chemical peel 

Chemical peel is a very popular treatment to reduce acne scars but it has to be done under the supervision of a dermatologist. If it’s done correctly you can see the best results.


In this procedure, a high-speed brush is used on the skin to polish the part of the scar. This makes your scar lighter.


It is the process where small crystals are spread on the surface of the skin to remove cells from scars and improves the appearance of the skin.


Laser treatment can make your skin smooth and fade out the acne scars.
Procerus clinic also provides multiple treatments for skin pigment in Delhi such as chemical peel, skin resurfacing, etc. If you have any query feel free to ask us, we would be happy to serve you.

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