Hair transplant cost in Delhi depends on the number of grafts that needs to be implanted. Depending on the method we can say that the per graft cost of FUE technique is Rs. 30 to Rs. 50. Generally, a graft consists of 3 to 4 hairs.In addition,average hair trnsplant cost in Delhi starts from Rs.30,000/-.

Per graft comparison of hair transplant cost in Delhi
Number of hair graftsOn lower sideOn Higher sideNo of Sittings Required
(1 sitting = 4 to 6 hours )
1000 Hair GraftsRs.30,000/-Rs.50,000/-1
1500 Hair GraftsRs.45,000/-Rs.75,000/-1
2000 Hair GraftsRs.60,000/-Rs.1,00,000/-1 – 2
2500 Hair GraftsRs.75,000/-Rs.1,25,000/-1-2
3000 Hair GraftsRs.90,000/-Rs.1,50,000/-2
3500 Hair GraftsLump Sum Price QuoteLump Sum Price Quote2
4000 Hair GraftsLump Sum Price QuoteLump Sum Price Quote2 – 3
Disclaimer: The hair transplantation cost in Delhi and NCR region as shown above is an approximation and may vary from clinic to clinic.


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