Maintaining healthy and youthful-looking skin is the goal of many people over the years. Ageing is inevitable, but keeping wrinkles at bay is possible. One of the most successful treatments to combat skin ageing is the application of facial fillers treatment. We offer best fillers treatment in Delhi, fillers injection for cheek and lip  augmentation at affordable cost.

Facial fillers are materials or substances that infiltrate different areas of the skin to replenish the volumes that have been lost and fill in the grooves, scars or wrinkles that have formed with age.

Types of Facial Fillers in Aesthetic Medicine

Facial filler materials are fully biocompatible and are used both to correct the effects of time on the skin and to provide more volume to specific areas such as lips. One of their features is that all are absorbable by the body, sterile and immunogenic. There are several types of facial fillers that are commonly used in Aesthetic Medicine.

Among them, the most famous and known for being, at the same time, the unfilterable substance most used in aesthetic treatments is hyaluronic acid. It is currently the most demanded facial filler material precisely because of its easy placement and its level of tolerance in the body.

In addition to hyaluronic acid, other facial fillers such as polylactic acid, agarose, calcium hydroxyapatite, tricalcium phosphate, polycaprolactone and own fat are used.

Among all these facial fillers, polylactic acid also stands out, which produces a more turgid effect on the skin, providing greater firmness to the tissues. This, together with others, improves and promotes the production of collagen, which makes it very practical and effective in mature skin.

Another substance that is becoming increasingly popular is the own fat because it is an autologous substance, and is completely tolerable by the body. The drawback of this treatment is that only part of the injected fat is maintained as it is absorbed faster than the other substances.

All these types of facial fillers are very safe and do not generate risks or side effects due to their biocompatibility property because they do not need to carry out reaction tests. Another essential characteristic is that these are temporary treatments, so in order to maintain the results over time, they must be reapplied at least once a year.

Where can you apply facial filler?

Facial fillers can be applied in many areas of the body, but in the case of facial rejuvenation, they are applied mainly to the face in various parts. Depending on the objective that each patient seeks and after the previous study of the aesthetic doctor, these materials can be applied to:

– The cheekbones filling.

– The filling of wrinkles and expression lines of the entire face, such as those formed in the nasolabial groove and the peribucal area.

– Lip filling.

– The filling of sunken dark circles.

We are experts in facial rejuvenation treatments  with facial fillers. Therefore, we have a qualified medical team that is responsible for performing these treatments safely and effectively to achieve the best results.

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