It would not be the wrong statement if we say that hair transplant result depends upon the hairline .the beauty of hair transplant resides in good looking natural hairline design. and giving a natural looking hairline is an art which has to be drawn according to the face of the person. The hairline should be drawn roughly around 7cm above from the glabella(prominent portion between the eyebrows). It may vary as per the baldness and facial anatomy of the person, Hair line should not start or end abruptly rather it should be graduated and there should be transitional zones .single grafts should be placed in the first row in an irregular manner then start with double and triple rooted grafts. To mark and deliver natural hairline is a matter of experience. And can be achieved by the experience. Here the doctors at procerus one of the Best FUE hair transplant service in Delhi NCR master the art of making nice natural looking hairline.  Hairline at temporal portion is another important aspect which has to be taken care of, because following the male pattern baldness person needs to restore the temporal hairline as well .the hair follicles here at temporal angle are very soft and comparatively tangential to the skin surface any deviation from the proper angle and texture of hair at temporal angle will give very unnatural and unsatisfying kind of look .



 Types of Hair-Line According to Forehead

The shape of the forehead reveals one’s thinking ability, wisdom, and personality. The most commonly seen forehead hairline types include the high and broad, low and narrow, straight and square, round, M-shaped, Widow’s Peak and uneven ones.


widow’s peak

widow’s peak is a V-shaped point in the center of the forehead. Hair growth on the lateral side of forehead is slightly in-wards . as the name suggests it gives the look of PEAK, doesn’t suit to every type of face but gives aesthetically very sound look to the V-shaped faces various Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities are blessed with this kind of hairline which give add-on to their masculine look.



Natural Hairline Design


 High and Broad

  It suits on the broader face and gives a masculine look.



Best Hair Line Design



 Low and Narrow

Taking the width of three fingers as the standard for the space between the forehead and eyebrow, the forehead which has hair between hairline and eyebrow tail and is narrower than the standard is regarded low and narrow.Natural Hairline Design



Rounded Hairline

  IT best suits with rounded or oval face structure give a younger look


Natural Looking Hair Line

  M-shaped HairlineM-shaped Hairline

he M-shaped hairline concaves inside at the left and right side and it is peculiar to men.


Uneven or Zigzag Hairline

Natural Uneven Hairline

It features low hairline which looks like the letter W. Men of zigzag hairline often eat one’s head off.


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