Hair transplant

If we summaries. Hair transplant is a minor cosmetic surgical procedure. In which healthy grafts containing (1-4 hairs/follicles) are taken (extracted/harvested) from safe donor area from the back of your scalp and placed (implanted) on the bald area on the scalp . as it is the cosmetic procedure ,requires medical knowledge together with very high level of  artistic skills, operator need to take care  of every minute details of the procedure in such a way that it should enhance the look of the person in the desired way.

What are the Types of hair transplant procedure?

Broadly we can classify hair transplant in two types depending upon the method of graft extraction

FUE Hair Transplant

FUT (follicular unit transplantation) /Strip Harvesting

In this method small strip of hair-bearing skin is cut and removed from the back of your scalp(head) the area is sutured and now the grafts are taken out(slivering) from that small piece of skin and implanted on the bald area .there are various advantages and disadvantages of this extraction technique .it is highly technique sensitive procedures cant be done in every clinic. There are linear scars on the donor area. Although the healthy grafts are taken out with the skin still there are chances of damage during slivering (separating the grafts from the piece of skin). its comparatively painful procedure and chances of infection are high. But it is recommended in the cases with very compromised donor area and in the cases where baldness is very extensive. In these type of cases, FUT together with FUE is highly recommended.

FUE (follicular unit extraction)

This is the most commonly used method of hair transplant worldwide nowadays .as this procedure seems more convenient to the patient and operator as well. With the advancement of time, this FUE has evolved that much. now various variants of FUE are seen in the various clinics worldwide. In this method, follicular units or grafts are extracted with the help of a motorized machine. The hair transplant surgeons at procerus use very fine punches( the instrument used to extract grafts)and the healthy grafts from the safe donor area are taken out(extracted/harvested) and implanted on the bald area on the scalp.

FUE seems simpler than FUT roughly .but this is not true in every sense because it is a blind procedure and the grafts are visible only above the skin but the angulation is not very same inside the skin as it is above the skin. And the chances of damaging the grafts(transaction of grafts) are higher during the extraction, which will hamper our final result and density of transplanted hair. so harvesting and implanting the healthy and multiple rooted grafts may be the game changer in attaining. excellent hair transplant results .and the extraction of multi-rooted healthy grafts mainly depends upon the machine, technology used and expertise of the hair transplant surgeon.  At procerus our highly trained hair transplant surgeons and having the 8+ years of experience using the best and most advanced technique of hair transplant to minimize this transaction rate. So here at procerus, you will encounter the amalgamation of human intelligence with best and advanced- technology which works together to achieve excellent results of Hair Transplant in Delhi. And finally having the 2500+ happy and satisfied clients all over the world.

Know the factors which will affect the result of your hair transplant   at procerus

As we all know hair transplant is the completely a cosmetic procedure and its always been the voluntary choice of the individual. So in another way, it’s a highly demanding procedure which searches high level of cosmetic urge by the person who is going for the hair transplant. So this level of cosmetic demand inspires procerus to work for achieving the best and natural result for the satisfaction of each and every single individual who give us the opportunity to serve them.

What are the factors which majorly affects the hair transplant result?

Hairline design and hair transplant is art with medical- technology 

It will not be wrong if we say that the result of hair transplant depends upon the hairline you achieve after the hair transplant. We at procerus discuss with you and design hairline depending upon your facial anatomy and need which will suit your face and finally give you the natural hair transplant result which will add on to your appearance and personality. We assure you!! we will work on you until you are completely satisfied.

Depth, angulation, and direction of implanted grafts

Hair transplant is all about achieving the result which will bring your past 5-10 years back. This can be only be achieved if the grafts are implanted at proper depth (required for their growth and survival) and the angle. The emergent angle of hair on our scalp is not the same everywhere. Rather it typically varies with area and region of the scalp (10 degree-45 degree) these are nearly 10 degrees at the frontal portion and increases as we move back up to 45 degrees at the crown we at the procerus having highly skilled hair transplant team. Work for you with full dedication for achieving the desired outcome.

Transection rate (it is the extent up to which grafts are damaged during FUE)

Transaction rate is another major factor which decides the density and growth of the implanted hair. there is always the limitation of implanting the maximum number of grafts per square centimeter during the implantation of grafts .so this increases the demand for harvesting the healthy grafts with a maximum number of roots. At procerus, harvesting is done under magnification  with gold standard punches to cherry pick the healthy and multi-rooted grafts to achieve the higher density by utilizing a comparatively lesser number of grafts

Storage of grafts

It has been scientifically proven that the viability of harvested grafts are affected by the time they are kept out from their natural habitat (from the body) .so we choose to go with minimal storage time (almost negligible)

No root touch technique of implant

It is well-known fact that grafts have to undergo various mechanical trauma once they are out of the body .and this again affects their survival and growth rate. We take care to minimize the minimum manual handling and manipulation of grafts during their implantation process.

BIO stimulation of grafts

PRP (Plasma rich platelets) are injected at the transplantation sites during the transplantation which nourishes and stimulates the growth of the implanted graft.

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