Male Hair Loss(Male Pattern Baldness /Androgenetic Alopecea)

About 85% of the male upto the age of 50 years face the problem of hair fall, hair thinning and which leads to baldness. Some guys start losing their  hair till the age of 21 ,Normally healthy men complains and blame their daily routine like wearing helmet, their municipal supply water, not able to eat /having their meals at the proper time Etc for their hair loss .but these are just the contributing factors not the solely responsible factors, male pattern hair loss or male pattern baldness . Basically male start losing hair from their frontal hair line or from their crown. Recession of hair line follows two pattern “M” or the “U” pattern.


Generally male pattern baldness can be diagnosed after thorough examination .Taking family history (if there are other family members, direct blood relation)are affected with the same condition.

Pull test

Gentle traction is given on the minimum 3 areas over the scalp normally few hair less than 10 hairs should  come out from this area. If more than 10 hairs come out from this area then this pull test is considered positive.

Pluck Test

Hair is pulled out with their root and examined under microscope. To detect the phase of hair growth.

Scalp Biopsy

To rule out the  underlying skin condition biopsy is done .


Its one of the non- invasive method done with the help of dermato-scope. It is  also one of the most common method of examination of analyising the quality of hair.