Skin Pigment Treatment in Delhi

Treatment for Skin Discoloration Or Skin Pigmentation Treatment

How is an alteration in pigmentation treated?

skin pigment

An alteration of the pigmentation is, in many cases, harmless and does not require any treatment. However, for aesthetic reasons, many people perceive this alteration of the skin tone as distressing. In this case, it is recommended to treat the alteration of the pigmentation (if necessary, also at the psychological level).

An alteration of the pigmentation caused by medications does not require any special treatment: the pigmentation of the skin will be progressively eliminated when the corresponding medications are stopped. Now, this process can take months or even years.

The treatment of pigmentation alteration will depend, among other things, on the type and cause of the alteration. The following means are available against pigmentation disorders:


In an alteration of pigmentation, treatment with cosmetics is very useful: to mitigate the psychic suffering associated with such alteration. You can cover pigment spots using cosmetics (such as camouflage creams or makeup). You can lighten larger skin surfaces with bleaching agents or darken them with self-tanners. However, artificially brown skin does not imply any protection against UV rays, so you should continue to avoid intense solar radiation.


In the case of pigmentation alteration in the form of hypopigmentation or depigmentation, radiation will be adequate as a treatment: in this case, skin surfaces affected by the pigmentation alteration are specifically radiated with a specific light to restore pigment colouration (repigmentation). This treatment is carried out over several months and is generally used in the framework of vitiligo treatment. This treatment is not recommended in case of albinism. Against it, there are the side effects that can occur and that include acute effects such as phototoxicity and gastro-intestinal (psoralen) and chronic irritation such as photocarcinogenesis.



It consists of permanently whitening normal skin , using a 20% hydroxyquinone monobenzyl ether cream to obtain a skin all the same colour. It could be used in patients with extensive vitiligo in those who have failed other treatments or who cannot or do not wish to use them.

This process is not reversible and should only be carried out after a detailed check by an experienced doctor. The side effects of this treatment may be irregular bleaching effects.


Natural therapies

A systematic review has been carried out on the existing scientific publications about the efficacy of natural products such as vitamins, herbs and other supplements in the treatment of vitiligo and it has been concluded that L-phenylalanine with phototherapy and oral ginkgo biloba alone show promising results that we will have to keep investigating.

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