Tattoo Removal in Delhi

The Most Recommended Solution: The Laser Method.

Numerous reasons can motivate a person to get a tattoo removed just as when they first get it.

  • While the concept of tattoos is closely related to the idea of ​​eternal permanence, today it is possible to talk about methods for safe removal without surgery.
  • The doctor will decide how to intervene on the tattoo depending on whether it was worked by a professional or not, its size, depth, body part where it is, used inks and skin type.
  • Such aesthetic methods involve the use of different types of lasers, depending on the characteristics mentioned above.
  • The laser works by means of a beam of light with a specific wavelength that acts by fragmenting the pigment particles into particles of much smaller size that allow our body to reabsorb them and subsequently remove them through the lymph.
  • This laser technology has better results for black and brown colours, with red, green, orange and yellow colours being the most difficult to remove.
  • This removal technique, by not damaging the superficial layer of the skin, leaves no scars, achieving a normal skin at the end of the treatment. As with any laser treatment, it is common for redness and inflammation to appear after the session, which usually disappears between 24 to 48 hours.
  • After the sessions, it is recommended not to expose yourself to the sun to avoid hyperpigmentation of the skin.

You must also follow the instructions of the professional in charge, to ensure optimum results.


On Your First Visitor to ProCereus 

You will be received by a professional who will perform Tattoo Removal in Delhi a medical evaluation according to your tattoo, your skin type, etc. and thus recommends a treatment. The consultation time lasts approximately 30 minutes.

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