Dark Circles Treatment

When it comes to reducing dark circles and treating the eyes in an integral way, it is necessary to resort to specific treatments that are really capable of managing this in an integral way and reducing dark circles and even the bags that usually accompany them. Cosmetic products, make-up products only have a very limited effect, and one can only achieve a temporary reduction, but practically nothing acts on the bags, a problem that usually accompanies dark circles.


Why do dark circles and bags appear?

The origin of dark circles is multifactorial, genetic, renal, liver disorders, eating disorders and of course, the inexorable passage of time. We always blame dark circles on a lack of rest or sleep problems, but their chronification speaks clearly of other organic problems. In the beginning, we are going to find hyperpigmentations (spots) in both upper and lower eyelids, and they are accompanied by bags of fatty origin. It is very common that they coexist and make us tackle the problem in an integral way.  

This is how dark circles begin to appear

Dark circles will appear in an area where the skin is much thinner than in most facial areas and with less composition in elastic fibres and collagen. It is an area of ​​habitual wrinkle formation and easily gets hyperpigmented, so we must be careful when we rub, dry, and even sleep. We could favour its appearance.


And so the bags appear

In the case of the bags, these are low bulges or over the eyes that are mainly caused by the loss of muscle tone generating sagging. Or also because of the excess fat accumulated under the eye. If these bags appear and disappear intermittently, we would be talking about an edematous (liquid) composition, and their prognosis is usually better than when they are composed of fatty tissue.

In many cases, we are facing an inherited problem, where family genetics play a predisposing role.


Causes of dark circles and periocular bags

The causes can be diverse, but mainly bags and dark circles are formed by the following:

  • Kidney disease.
  • Thyroid problems
  • Lack of rest and sleep.
  • Bad nutrition.
  • Hereditary or genetic cause.
  • Different types of dark circles


We could establish different classifications of dark circles, see them in a more clinical way or just list them so that you can establish connections with the problem you may suffer; we would, therefore, talk about:

Periocular hyperpigmentation.

Periocular wrinkles, crow’s feet and groove

Laxity of skin on eyelids, lower and / or upper.

Edematous bags (excess fluid)

Fat bags (with fat tissue content).

At ProCerus, we offer you a series of personalized and individualized treatments where we can combine procedures that will mitigate the issues that worry you.