Removing moles and warts and freckles (skin tan) has never been so simple since skin imperfections are one of the aesthetic problems that concern us most. Among those skin imperfections are warts and moles, which appear very frequently. If we have them on our face or visible body part, the worry and need to make them disappear increases since they can severely affect our self-esteem.

  • A mole is a benign lesion caused by melanocytes, which are the cells that produce the skin pigment. All people have moles, between 10 and 40 on average, even from birth, and are usually harmless. But those that appear in adulthood, especially those atypical ones that change shape or colour, can be dangerous and lead to melanoma or skin cancer, especially if we continually and without caution expose ourselves to harmful sun rays.
  • The reasons to remove moles with laser are not only aesthetic, but it is also a health problem. So, we sunbathe with less risk. Better safe than sorry, right?
  • As for warts on the face and lip, they stand out for their reputation as unsightly. And although its appearance is more frequent in elderly people, it is a skin lesion that anyone can suffer.

How to remove warts, spots and other skin imperfections on the face?

The CO2 laser to remove freckles, moles, and warts: How to remove moles with laser? How to remove warts forever?

  • Luckily there are effective, innovative and safe aesthetic treatments. Why resign ourselves to having an unsightly imperfection in the face or body if currently removing a mole on the face or burning large warts is simple and fast thanks to the advances of aesthetic medicine?
  • The treatment for the removal of warts and moles from your body through the CO2 Laser is a very suitable and professional option, consisting of gently polishing the lesions until reaching the level of the rest of the skin, fully respecting the surrounding tissues. It is an outpatient medical procedure.


Care after treatment

  • Apply a healing ointment, 2 or 3 times a day, until the formation of a small scab, which will disappear
  • on its own soon after.
  • Use a sunscreen cream to prevent the treated area from getting hyperpigmented.
  • Neither the scalpel nor the stitches are necessary, which would leave an aesthetically undesirable scar.